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So what is #bangyourbuskie ?

MyBusks and BANGradio have teamed up for a competition with some amazing prizes: you could win the chance to be played on BANGradio, get interviewed on your favourite show, AND play a gig at Google’s Campus in London alongside some huge established artists, to an audience of industry VIPs! All you have to do is film a Buskie on and try to raise the most donations for BANGradio’s charity, Bang Edutainment.

LAST DAY TO JOIN #BANGYOURBUSKIE Today is the last day to upload your Buskie, but keep raising donations until the #bangyourbuskie winner's party!

All finalists get to perform with Scorcher, DJ Ironik, Rough Copy, Nyomi and J Unity at an industry showcase at Google Campus, where the winner will be announced!

 What is BUSKIE?
A Buskie is a unique 'live video capture' of you performing the talent that you have chosen to share with the world. By creating a Buskie you're bringing your dream, passion, or hobby to life; and by posting your Buskie you invite the world to support you every step of the way by sending you donations with the unique donate button.
1 Create a MYBUSKS account.

Simply go to and click the register button in the top right hand corner of the site

Go to Mybusks Signup Page
2 Join the BANG EDUTAINMENT CHARITY in the Charity section

Click here to go to the "Bang Edutainment Charity" page and join the group.

Go to Bang Edutainment Page
3 Film your BUSKIE & upload it Youtube.

Filming a buskie is really easy: simply imagine recording a selfie but instead of taking a picture, you're showcasing your talent. We suggest you try to keep your buskie around 3 minutes - just enough time to captivate viewers. Check out a great example of a buskie HERE

4 UPLOAD your buskie to your mybusks account

Log onto your mybusks profile and click the upload button at the top of the page

5 Share your buskie.

It’s really, really important to promote your buskie so you can beat the competition. You need to raise as many donations as you possibly can, so share your buskie with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, post, carrier pigeon…’cause you do want to win, right?

Whoever raises the most donations for the Bang Edutainment charity by February 26, WINS!

  More about the charity


BANG’s mission is to help young people realise their full potential so they can contribute positively to their communities by creating platforms and projects that engage, promote and develop the skills they need for their life and careers.


Tackle youth social exclusion by providing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with positive activities designed to build their motivation, skills and experiences in order to unlock their potential.

Provide young people with opportunities to develop their talents and participate positively and creatively in the world of work and in the communities in which they live.

Advance education and vocational training by developing and delivering programmes designed to complement and enhance engagement with mainstream education.

Share knowledge worldwide and raise its profile internationally by contributing positively to local, regional, national and international training, employment and regeneration policies through effective partnerships with public, voluntary and private agencies and organisations.

“My time at BANG was amazing! At first, I was having second thoughts about trying out work experience, but after just an hour of helping out there I felt comfortable. Never before have I met people so nice and helpful, and been in an atmosphere like at BANG. If I’d ever needed help, I needed look no further than the person next to me. I loved my time there and I would be so happy to go back, thank you so much BANG!”


Jobs have been down and houses are being built less & less, people aren’t able to give to charities in conventional methods So, Scorcher, a well-known U.K Rapper living in the UK and performing around the world decided to get creative! 

 Scorcher, a top-rated Rapper in the UK Says; "Doing something that you Love for Work is so much fun! Now, I can have fun being creative for a social responsible purpose, and the opportunity it brings has been amazing. I started out just doing my “Nas Freestyle” in order to support The Stephen Lawrence Trust, a charity which I believe makes an enormous difference to young men in the UK, and now, big companies are using me to advertise them with other “Buskies." 

It’s super simple and easy to do! You can film a “Buskie” on your mobile phone, it doesn’t have to be filmed to a high quality, and all  charities have the chance to be supported via Mybusks ,allowing them to engage a totally new demographic of supporters and providing them with a new and innovative way to support their cause. 

There are a lot of talented people out there, and it's a great way to make a difference for some great charities that need it. In a crazy economy, Mybusks is a new digital age.

The Digital Donations economy has created a new category of person: the Digital-Entrepreneur/Artist. Now you don't need a stage or License to perform or even a website to make money, you can simply use Mybusks, a Digital Donation Economy Service that allows you to upload a video of yourself performing your chosen talent; these videos have been given the quirky name/title of a “Buskie”.

But the start-up is going even further than that. Perhaps you're a good Singer, Dancer, Rapper, Poet or good at playing a particular instrument. You can now receive tons of donations from around the world for a specific charity that you want the donations to go to. "It's the sweet spot. It's an innovative approach to raising money for charities," says Servais Louis, the Founder and CEO. 

As the video above illustrates--in which we you see the renowned U.K Artist ‘Manga St Hilare’ formally a member of the UK number 1 Grime group ‘Roll Deep’ upload a “Buskie” in aid of his chosen charity “Save The Children”. --it's the natural extension of what we like to call the Digital/Gig economy, and Louis says there is possibility to make real money and pervade a serious support to charities that need it: "If you can share your “Buskie” effectively enough, you can have a really successful impact," he says.